Ethical Policy

The jewellery trade is known as being resource intensive with detrimental effects on the physical and social environment. York School of Jewellery has a strong ethical policy that runs throughout all aspects of its work.

We actively encourage to students to make the most efficient use of materials. Wherever possible we reuse old, broken or unwanted gold, silver and platinum articles by melting the scrap into small ingots. We have been providing this service for over ten years and are heartened to see mainstream suppliers following suit. Our service is generally free of charge to our students. Students are then taught the processes required to fashion the ingots into beautiful pieces of high quality jewellery. This significantly reduces the impact of our students activities on the environment and the financial impact on their pockets.

Within the workshop waste is kept to a minimum and all paper, cardboard, plastic and glass items are recycled. We also endeavor to purchase coffee, tea, biscuits etc from ethical suppliers including The Coop and Waitrose.


York School of Jewellery sources materials from suppliers with a strong ethical principles such as is a partnership between British jewellers and Tanzanian miners where both the miners welfare, the environment and ecology of the land are given careful consideration. With their own ruby mine in southern Tanzania supply untreated gemstones of the highest quality. Formed with a partnership between UK based Gary Roberts and Tanzanian Vedasto Kujwalire in 2008. The company has grown from a small scale miner to a large UK supplier of ethical natural ruby and sapphire to bespoke jewellers.

Pete Brown, Operational Director, under went GIA training as well as schooling in Tanzania with the companies gemstone cutter who has 37 years experience of gemstone cutting. Pete added "From personal visits and research we have built up a specific hand picked group of bespoke jewellers who want to know where their rubies and sapphires come from and how they were mined. From our feedback more and more clients want to know about conditions of miners and environmental impact and with mine and Gary's background in Zoology we can bring our expertise to the field."

Ruby Fair miner

York School of Jewellery actively supports Yorkshire Coast Dog Rescue and St Leonards Hospice. There are official collection boxes for each of these charities in the workshop. Ten pounds from each participants fee for the experience sessions is donated to the charity of their choice.

Items - ranging from small tools and storage jars to home made boxes - are often available courtesy of staff and students in exchange for a donation in one of the boxes.

Following a visit to the premier silversmith of Gambia, York School of Jewellery has collected and donated a collection of new and second hand tools for use in the Gambia.