Below is a selection of the comments that students provided when we asked them to comment on their experience of classes at York School of Jewellery.

Before coming to York School of Jewellery I had attended classes at several other colleges.  These offered three hour classes, two of which I spent either waiting for help from a tutor or waiting to use the equipment!  At YSOJ classes are small and the workshop is well equipped, so you actually spend two hours making jewellery. You can work at your own speed and it doesn’t matter what level of knowledge or experience you have. There’s also tea and biscuits – you don’t get that at other colleges either.

Dawn Brooks, Accountant


My first eight lessons were a wedding present from my wife.  Two years later, I am still wearing the wedding ring I made and still taking lessons, though the two are not necessarily linked. The York Jewellery School approach is exemplified by the phrase “if you want to make that, you could do it like this”.  There’s a refreshing absence of a rigid syllabus or didactic instruction; just teachers that are confident in their own skills and happy to develop those of their students.

Simon Pickles, Director


I have been a student now for over six months at York School of Jewellery.  I have enjoyed the classes so much I have recently increased my sessions to two per week.  The classes and setting and relaxed and friendly, the tuition is delivered professionally by experienced and knowledgeable teachers.  I am now being guided in the specific areas on which I would like to focus rather than following a curriculum that doesn’t fulfill my needs.

Andrew Stead, The Bare Wall Gallery


I come from a quite technical background, feeling as though I wanted a creative outlet, but not believing I had any particular artistic talents.  In these classes I found the perfect place to express myself in a friendly and relaxed environment.  Through the knowledge and support of the tutors, I am free to work at my own pace, either challenging myself to improve my skills, or creating items as a form of relaxation.  The small class sizes are ideal and with the range of equipment the sky’s the limit! I get a sense of fulfillment in great company.

Rachel Goddard, IT Consultant


Being disabled and wheelchair bound, my first thoughts were of access.  No worries.

Secondly, I was concerned about working heights and positions.  This again proved found-less as the work bench allows good access and ease of reach. Being a beginner at any form of silverwork, I was delighted with the assistance offered, the range of tools offered and the good clear instructions with reference to health and safety and maintenance of tools.

I am pleased to suggest that any person with an interest in jewellery making ‘MUST’ pay a visit and enroll for a course.  It could be the making of a wonderful future in jewellery.
I have found all the students and staff a very pleasing crowd.

My best wishes are with York School of Jewellery for a future full of success.

Brian Horne, Retired Master Builder


Nik’s really fab.

By Laura Bough

(Ok Laura, let’s try that again shall we?!  Nik)

I have been training with Nik now for about six years.  From the heady excitement of wearing and producing my first ring to producing jewellery for myself, family and friends.  For me, my Saturday mornings are all about catching up with the friends I have made and making jewellery designed and made by myself.

Laura Bough, Fitness Instructor


Attending my Saturday class is still the highlight of my weekend even after joining nearly three years ago.  The school provides a perfect environment allowing you to develop your own ideas but giving you expert support when needed.  It’s given me the inspiration and the skills to start my own jewellery making business which may have just remained a dream if I hadn’t found the school.

Cate Flanagan, Events Manager


High standards, nice atmosphere, good equipment, small classes, hands-on teaching PLUS a real interest in the design potential of precious stones and metals.  What a gem!

Dick Gardener, Architect


I’ve been a student at York School of Jewellery for almost 18 months, after a three year spell attending my local college of art, where courses were subject to the vagaries of government funding and where classes held up to 19 students.

At YSOJ there is a maximum of six students per class.  Progress and projects is student led and everyone works at their own pace.  Reasons for attendance range from a desire to make jewellery for personal use to training towards a career as a jeweller.

The workshop is fully equipped and there are plenty of tools for everyone.  The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and the dogs only bite if we don’t share our biscuits!

I actually attend three classes, the dynamics of each one being quite different, but each class is equally enjoyable.

Tuesday’s the best day of my week!

Liz Ogden, Retired Teacher


I have taken a variety of different craft classes over the years, including another to make silver jewellery, and can honestly say that I have enjoyed the York School of Jewellery classes the most, while at the same time learning real skills.

The classes are very friendly, with students at a mixture of levels; beginners to people making items for sale.  The best thing in my opinion has been learning the proper way to make silver jewellery.  There’s a lot of satisfaction in being compliment on a lovely piece that looks professionally made and being able to say “thanks, I made it myself”.

Ali Aitchison, Micro-biologist


'I have been a student at York School of Jewellery for almost two years. I wanted to learn how to make jewellery from precious metals and stones that was professional, wearable and saleable. The facilities, equipment and teaching are of the highest standard I have encountered anywhere. I really like the atmosphere which is friendly and creative. The teaching is always at my own pace and level and I have received an amazing amount of support. I would recommend York School of Jewellery to anyone whether looking for a new hobby or interested in making jewellery professionally'

Dr Leonie Jones, Chemist