Courses on traditonal and modern techniques

Below is a list of the courses currently run at York School of Jewellery

Jewellery courses

Jewellery making experience day
An introduction to ring making
Demystifying soldering for jewellers
Texturing, polishing and finishing for jewellers
Chasing and repouse for jewellers
Wax working for jewellers
Machining for jewellers

Mount making and stone setting

An introduction to mount making and stone setting
Intermediate mount making and stone setting  


An introduction to enamelling
Cloisonné enamelling
Plique a jour enamelling


Silversmithing experience day
Advanced silversmithing
Demystifying soldering for silversmiths
Introduction to box making
Intermediate/advanced box making
Chasing and repouse for silversmiths
Wax working for silversmiths

Making and preparing tools

Tool preparation, repair and restoration for jewellers
Tool preparation, repair and restoration for silversmiths
Make your own chasing and repouse tools

Courses to make specific items

The original ‘Make your own wedding rings’ course
Silver orthotics for people with hypermobility and arthritis
Make your own body piercing jewellery


An introduction to gemmology
Introduction to stone cutting – cabochon and antique cuts
Intermediate stone cutting – an introduction to faceting

Allied skills

Photographing your jewellery and silverware
Photoshop for jewellers and silversmiths
Marketing your jewellery/silverware

Longer courses

Summer school
Winter school

Please contact York School of Jewellery if you would like further details including fees and when the courses are running.