Tuition at York School of Jewellery

York School of Jewellery provides a wide range of tuition in jewellery and silversmithing for people of all abilities. These range from taster sessions which allow people to experience working in a fully equipped workshop to regular classes that allow the student to develop at their own pace and specialist courses focusing on specific areas of jewellery making and associated skills.

Student working

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Students of York School of Jewellery are also able to use the School's registered mark to hallmark their work. All silver, gold and platinum pieces made by students hallmarked without the additional cost of applying for individual makers marks. They also have access to a comprehensive non-lending book library.

Free tea, coffee and biscuits are always available for all students.

Please note that whilst there is no upper age limit, our classes are not suitable for children. Over 18s only please.

We often find that potential students are confused by the true definitions of jewellery and silversmithing. Jewellery is an item of body adorment eg ring, bracelet, neckpiece. Traditionally jewellery was made out of materials that were considered valuable such as precious metals and gemstones. Silversmithing is the making of items out of silver that are not jewellery eg bowls, candlesticks and coffee pots. With the demise of the coppersmith and tinsmith etc, larger items made from base metals are now also included in this group.

We often find that prospective students are not sure what they want from a servies provider. For a guide to choosing the right type of tuition and service provider click here.